Rachael Ray’s Nutrish Indoor Complete cat food review


       First, let me tell you how I received Nutrish Indoor Complete FREE in return for my review and opinion. It’s all thanks to Influenster. “What is that?” you ask. Influenster is a community of over 2 million social media shoppers that receive products to test for free based on their social media influence. They then review the products and share their opinions.
My most recent ‘VoxBox’ was filled with a bag of Rachael Ray’s Nutrish: Indoor Complete. My adorable kitty, Coraline, absolutely LOVES the chicken with lentils and salmon recipe. As soon as I opened the box, she came running to smell the bag. When switching dry cat foods make sure it is done gradually. Slowly mix in the new food over a 7-10 day period so it doesn’t upset your kitty’s tummy. The Indoor Complete formula is made specially to help support a healthy weight and metabolism for your indoor kitty. Coraline is a bit of a couch potato so we need all the help we can get to keep her healthy and active! Some of the ingredients included are lentils, dandelion green, and pumpkin. These are all rich in fiber and help to aid in healthy digestion. Lastly, what I love most about this food is that the first ingredient listed on the package is chicken. Have you tried any Nutrish brand cat food? Leave a comment below with your thoughts!

Coraline taking a nap after a hard days work.


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